Small & medium Scale biogas plants

We offer small and medium scale biogas plants through our sister concern FOV Biogas India based in Chennai. FOV Biogas offers innovative fabric based digester solutions as a replacement for traditional concrete and steel based digesters. Our Joint venture partner FOV Fabric has 50 years of experience in supplying technical textile for critical applications. Since the 1960s, FOV Fabrics AB, Sweden has been a reputed hi-tech textile company supplying textiles for army applications, air bag fabrics, almelon textiles, smart textiles, concrete reinforcement textiles, etc.

We produce more than 15 million m2 textiles every year, shipped all over the world. Over 7 years of research and development we have been rethinking biogas technology. This process has materialized in a new type of advanced fabrics that is especially designed for biogas production, taking into consideration all of the parameters required for reliable, accessible and cost effective biogas production.

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